Weekend Update: April 29-30, 2017

Hey guys! I hope that you had an amazing weekend! Mine was just as great as I was able to spend time with my family and hang out with my nephews! It truly is a blessing to be able to be in the situation I am in now. Not many people get time to spend time with there family. 

So we started our Saturday a little differently. My mom and I normally have a meeting on Saturday mornings in Orange County but my mom has not seen my nephew play in his soccer team yet so that’s where we went 

My mom holding my baby nephew Charlie…such a cutie💕My nephew Noah. This was his second to last soccer game and I have to say I love my little man bunned ham of a nephew lol.

He honestly did so well at his game. He has now been running around on the field and kicking the ball instead of playing defense. He prefers the running obviously.

Later that Saturday evening we went over to my brother and sister-in-law’s and hung out with my cousins and their baby as well as my other nephew Dillon. It’s crazy how fast time flies and how fast kids grow up. 

Also, my love bug surprised me with my favorite coffee from my favorite coffee place, Six Bean. If you live in the High Desert area you definitely need to try that place out! They not only have great customer service but their drinks are delicious and they have an amazing Espresso menu! This right here is a large Nutty Hawaiian with only two shots. (Note: with their Espresso drinks/sizes they add a shot with every size. For example: small=one shot, medium=two shots, large=three shots) 

Sunday was a very relaxed day and more of a catch-up day. We spent the day cleaning the house and doing some laundry. Everyone needs those days every now and then. 

How was your guys’ weekend?! I would love to hear about it! 


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